We build highly secure full-stack high tech cutting edge the best 🤌 blockchain solutions

Luzzu are a Malta based blockchain development studio

We build full-stack blockchain solutions like generative NFT collections, DAOs, DeFi and more.

Over 10 years of software experience

Founder Mike Stivala is a hands-on engineer, with years of experience building custom software from the ground up.

Smart Contracts

We write custom contracts for NFT collections, DeFi, DAOs and more. We have a security first approach and extreme dedication to automated testing.

Web3 Integrations

We can build full-stack solutions, or jump in to help your team integrate your web2 project with blockchain using technologies like web3.js and ethers.js.

Security Audits

We leverage a combination of static analysis, automated tools, and a robust manual review process to provide industry-leading security recommendations to your smart contracts.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together